If you envision communities…

Where people have the skills and support to overcome barriers to improving their health and wellbeing,

Where health care management extends beyond the doctor’s office,

With happier and more productive providers and better care for patients,

Creating jobs and financial wealth while improving health outcomes,

Where the healthcare renaissance is visible and measurable.

Welcome to SCCP

Our aim is to help Managed Care Organizations and healthcare providers effectively manage the health care of their clients. Through our comprehensive care management services, we function as an extension of your team, providing such services as member onboarding/engagement, health risk screenings/assessments, ongoing care coordination, chronic care management, long term care support, HCBS waiver services, behavior health support, transition of care, HEDIS compliance services, and linkages to social service/community resources.

Regardless of your care management needs, our model is customizable to fit your company’s unique circumstances. We have the capacity to design a program of support that is comprehensive or narrow in scope depending on the assistance you need to improve member care, improve clinical outcomes, and reduce unnecessary costs. Simply, the role we play on your care team is entirely up to you.

About Us

Southland Care Coordination Partners (SCCP) is a high-performing C-Corporation, providing comprehensive care management services to Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) and healthcare providers.

Experienced Provider
SCCP is an experienced provider of health care support services for Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial health plan members in the state of Illinois.
Wholistic Care
We know that health means more than just our physical health, but rather includes our mental, social, economic, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing.
Integrative Health
It is our mission to create a culture of health that embraces innovative community-centered practices, which empower the individual and community at-large.

Our Blog

Personal Responsibility for Health

Taking personal responsibility for health involves a commitment to adopting a healthy lifestyle — frequent exercise, not smoking, and weight control. The ramifications of this responsibility recently received wide media coverage when surgeons at Adelaide’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital declined to perform certain elective surgery on patients who are obese or who smoke.

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Joe Biden’s New Health Care Agenda

The details vary but the story is always the same: every candidate’s big plans for health care morph, shrink, and change after they are elected and confronted with new political and economic circumstances. That will be true in spades for President-elect Biden. Very narrow margins in both houses of Congress means two of the big ideas he campaigned on may get a hearing but are highly unlikely to pass, the public option and early eligibility for Medicare.

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Changing the structure of health care delivery systems
By Joshua Freeman, M.D.

In an important series of three articles beginning on the Sunday before the New Year, “Doctors Inc.”, Alan Bavley of the Kansas City Star looked at the increasing acquisition of physician practices by hospitals, and the impact this has on access to, quality of, and cost of health care for patients. The first article, “Medicine goes corporate as more physicians join hospital payrolls,” describes the “what,” that:

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Frost & Sullivan’s Top 10 predictions for healthcare in 2021

From vaccines to virtual care, enterprise imaging to precision medicine, these are the growth areas that will shape the direction of healthcare, this year and beyond.

By Reenita Das | January 04, 2021

The year 2020 has been a year unlike any other year in our history. It has impacted the fabric of our society and life – but most importantly it has changed the healthcare industry forever.

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