New Member Onboarding

SCCP believes that timely and effective outreach to new members can significantly impact health outcomes and reduce the overall cost of care for health plans. Therefore, our onboarding services provide High Touch, new member engagement support.

This initial encounter with a new member is designed to start the process towards achieving high member satisfaction and retention rates, by creating a positive first impression, establishing trust, addressing questions, and educating the new member on how to access the services they need.

Onboarding services for new members include:

Member Welcome Encounter

    • Introduction and Welcome Call
    • Verifying or Updating Demographic Information
    • Verifying New Member Receipt of Welcoming Materials
    • Confirming PCP Assignment
    • Completing Health Risk Screening
    • Addressing New Member Questions and Concerns

Location of “Hard-to-Find” Members

    • Skip Tracing
    • Partnering with Community Stakeholders to Locate Members